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Posted on Sep 10, 2017

Avvisi settimana dal 10 al 17 Settembre.

Alerts week,it 10 to the 17 Settembre.

A Lourdes abbiamo tanto pregato per voi in una bella esperienza fatta a Lourdes con 110 faithful of our faith community,,it,September day of fraternity open to everyone and free for young,,it,young oratory animators,,it,For info please contact Francesca Cozzolino,,it,Arianna Varriale and Gaetano Sannino,,it,Marriage and after communion and the various volunteer services and Tuesday,,it,Sporting Club via Astronauts pm,,it,September feast of the Holy Name of Mary hour Masses,,it,meeting representatives of groups Confirmation,,it,team Pre-Double,,it,Meeting extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion,,it,September Feast of the Holy Cross the schedule of Masses will be as follows,,it,Sept. memory of the Sorrowful Vergine Maria the schedule of Masses will be as follows,,it . 1)Saturday 16 Settembre giornata di...

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