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Posted on Jan 19, 2015

Notice from 19 to the 25 January

Lun 19 Hours 7.30 S. Rosary
Hours 8.00 S. Mass (Big Monday of the Madonna of the Arch)
Hours 19.00 Prayer "Heart to Heart" (at nuns)
Hours 19.30 Distribution of sandwiches and hot drinks to our brothers homeless
SS. Messe hours 8.00 – 9.00 – 10.00 – 18.00 – 19.00
Hours 12.00 Mass presided by His Mons. Antonio Di Donna
More 21 Hours 19.00 S. Rosary in families
Gio 22 Hours 16.00 Eucharistic Adoration animated by the Crucified Sisters
Hours 19.00 S. Rosary in families
Friend 23 Hours 21.00 Confessions and S. Mass for the bearers of the statue of S. Sebastiano
Sab 24 Hours 16.30 Liturgy of the Word at Chapel S. Vito (S-presso p.zza. Domenico)
Hours 18.00 S. Evening Messa
Hours 19.00 "XVIII FESTIVAL D'O 'ZUFFRITTE SASICCE And friarielli" - REPRESENTATION OF THE LIFE OF SAN SEBASTIAN made by young people of our community (at the small shops of the Vesuvius National Park in Belvedere Square)
Judgment 25 SS. Messe hours 8.30 – 10.30 (In Tendostruttura) – 12 – 18 – 19
Hours 12.00 Mass presided by Don Giuseppe Mazzafaro
Hours 15.30 PROCESSION OF SAN SEBASTIAN SIMULACRUM (in case of rain, the procession will take place on the last Sunday of May) with the following path:
Mother Church, Via Roma, Piazza Belvedere, Via Maione, Via Marconi, Via Park Sun, Via Luca Giordano,
(1to Stop – meeting with the Community of S. Maria del Carmine AI Dishes), Via Daughter, Via Tufarelli,
(2to Stop – Viale delle Industrie-buildings), Viale delle Industrie, Via Daughter, Via Astronauts, Via Zodiac, Via Monaco Aiello, Contrada Patacca,
(3to Stop – meeting with the community of S. Mary Comforter of Herculaneum), Via Amendola, Via Channel, Via Falconi, Via Margherita ,
(4to Stop – Sisters), Via Daisy, Via Palmieri, Piazza San Domenico,
(5to Stop – Chapel San Vito), Piazza San Domenico, Via Palmieri, Via A. Great,
(6to Stop – Via A. Great), Via Rosselli, Via Garibaldi, Via Boccarusso, Piazza Autonomy,
(7 to Stop – meeting with the Community of S. Mary of the Assumption of Massa di Somma),
Via Boccarusso, Via Piromallo, Piazza Belvedere, Via Roma and return to the Mother Church.