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Posted on Feb 22, 2016

Avvisi per la settimana dal 20 to the 27 February

1)Sunday after the Holy Mass 10:30 in tent there will be a meeting between parents and catechists.

Hours 16:00 meeting young couples led by Father Enzo, Nando and Paola at the Sisters of S. Giovanna Antida in Via S. Martino in S. Giorgio a Cremano.

2)Monday at 8:00 Santa Messa dei Grandi Lunedì Della Madonna dell’Arco. Siete invitati a partecipare.

Hours 19:00 preghiera “Cuore a Cuore” presso le suore

Hours 19:45 Distribution of sandwiches and drinks to our brothers in need. Monday continue the Blessings from Pasquali 9:00 all 12:00 e dalle 16:00 all 19:00. Troverete il foglio giù al palazzo.

3)Martedì ore 19:30 "The Word of God" for all adults. Non Mancare.

4) Mercoledì ore 18:30 meeting deanery pastoral areas in Church.

4)Giovedì ore 16:30 Eucharistic Adoration animated by the Crucified Sisters. Dopo la S. Messa S. Rosario per le famiglie.

5)Venerdì ore 17:15 Recitation of S. Rosario a seguire Via Crucis e S. Mass.

6) Saturday 5 March from 9:00 all 12:00 withdrawal of Lent in Church. He will guide us Father Maurizio Patriciello with other testimonies. We must not miss.

7)4-10 Settembre pellegrinaggio a Lourdes. For info contact Deacon Pino or Mrs. Rosaria Lambiase.

8)Monday 25 Aprile Pellegrinaggio Montevergine-Pietrelcina. Per info rivolgersi alla Signora Cira.