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Posted on Jan 14, 2019

Alerts week,it 13 to the 20 January.

1) Questa Domenica ore 19:15 Way of 10 Commandments.

2) Monday continue the Great Monday of Madonna Dell'Arco. Programma: Hours 8:00 S. Rosario ed ore 8:30 S. Mass.

3) Tuesday hours 19:00 reunion Festival. Serve Your Hand. Non Mancare. Thank you.

4) Thursday hours 18:30 Feast of S. Antonio Abate blessing of pets in front of the chapel of San Vito San Domenico area.
Hours 19:15 S. Mass for the bearers of the statue of San Sebastian Martyr and all the faithful.

5) Sabato ore 19:00 sausage festival, broccoli and zuffritto in the parking lot in front of the Church.

6)Domenica prossima 20 January Feast of St. Sebastian hours Masses: 8:30; 10:30 (in chiesa); 12:00; 18:00 e 19:00.
Hours 15:30 Procession of the statue of San Sebastian Martyr opened by children dressed as angels.
Hours 20:30 Return to the Church of the statue with the presence of His Eminence Crescenzio Sepe.

7) Parish Pilgrimage to Lourdes 9-12 February 2019 and late August- early September. For info contact the diac. Pino