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Posted on Apr 2, 2017

Alerts week,it 2 to the 9 Aprile.

1)Pope Francis told us that the party is true if you live solidarity. Outside the church you will find the eggs of Solidarity with proceeds going to the many families who are knocking at the door of the Church. Thanks again for everything.

2)Sunday Fifth Sunday of Lent: prayer time, fasting and charity. We collect pasta, olio, caffè, canned food for many needy families, knocking at the door of our Church which several of which we also visit at Home. Grazie per la vostra generosità.

Hours 20:00 Cammino delle Dieci Parole.

3)Monday at 8:30 S. Mass of the great Sunday of Madonna dell'Arco.

Hours 17:00 Pilgrimage to Our Lady of the Arch. Programma:

Hours 16:30 hangout, visit the Sanctuary, confessions and

S. Mass. For info and reservations please contact Mrs. Cira.

Hours 19:45 distribuzione panini e bevande ai nostri fratelli poveri ed

Hours 19:45 preghiera Cuore a Cuore dalle Suore.

4) Martedì ore 19:45 S. Mass for all the faithful before Easter. They invited all pastoral Operators especially the Catholic Doctors and the faithful of the Gospel Center. Pray you do not Missing.

5)Giovedì ore 19:30 Way of the Cross in the Chapel of S. Vito's

S. Domenico.

6) Venerdì I Venerdì del mese: 8:30 S. Messa a seguire Adorazione Eucaristica fino alle 12:00; Hours 17:00 Coroncina Divina Misericordia a seguire Adorazione Eucaristica; Hours 18:15 S. Rosary; Hours 18:45 Way of the Cross to follow S. Mass.

Hours 20:30 Adorazione Eucaristica animata dai giovani e cammino delle Beatitudini.

7)Sunday 9 April Palm Sunday Masses schedule: 8:30;10:30; 12:00 e 19:00.

Hours 9:30 Meeting Side Parking at the church and the traditional procession with the presence of a small donkey. Following Mass in the tent of the High School. We hope many of you will come.

8) Pilgrimage May 1 in Montevergine: for info and reservations S.ra

Cira o S.ra Rosaria.

9)parish pilgrimage to Lourdes from Thursday 31 August to Monday 4 Settembre. For info and reservations contact your dear Deacon Pino.

For these pilgrimages please book in advance. Thank you.