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Posted on Apr 4, 2016

Alerts week,it 2 to the 9 Aprile

1)Sunday of the Divine Mercy Hour 15:00 recitation of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Following brief catechesis.

2)Monday hours 19:00 Preghiera "Cuore a Cuore" at nuns
Hours 19:45 distributing sandwiches and drinks to our poor brothers.

3) Martedì ore 19:30 Incontro "La Parola di Dio" per tutti gli adulti. Non mancare.

4)Giovedì ore 17:00 Eucharistic Adoration animated by the Crucified Sisters. After mass recitation of the Rosary for families.

5)Saturday 9 April from 8:30 all 13:30 Feast of Forgiveness for all the children of the 2nd year of catechism at the Sisters. It requires the presence of all the catechists, animators and volunteers.

5) Outside the church you will find Domenico with his newspaper "Scarp Tennis".

6)Monday 25 Aprile Pellegrinaggio a Montevergine – Pietrelcina. Per info rivolgersi alla Signora Cira.

7) 4-10 Settembre pellegrinaggio a Lourdes. Per info rivolgersi al Diacono o alla Signora Rosaria Lambiase.

8) Stiamo raccogliendo pasta, olio, caffè, scatolame per le famiglie bisognose.

Auguri Santa Pasqua