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Posted on Jan 28, 2017

Alerts week,it 29 Gennaio al 4 February.

1) Domenica ore 17:30 meeting young couples led by Father Enzo and his team at the Institute of the Sisters of Charity-Villa Maria in Via San Martino 98, San Giorgio a Cremano.

For info ask Nando and Paola.

2) Monday at 19:00 Prayer from the Heart to Heart Sisters and hours 19:45 distributing sandwiches and drinks to our poor brothers.

3) Martedì ore 19:30 encounter God's Word for all adults. Non Mancare.

4) Giovedì 2 February Feast of the Presentation of the Lord Masses Time: 8:30; 16:30 Liturgy with the children of the catechism, 18:00 e 19:30.

Holy Mass at 19:30 It will be the occasion to thank for the festival, the festival and the procession of Saint Sebastian Martyr, our patron. They are all the faithful sent, but especially carriers and carriers of the statue, all pastoral agents and volunteers of the festival and the festival. We wait . Non mancate !

5) The Friday of the Month: 8:30 S. Messa a seguire Adorazione Eucaristica fino alle 12:00, Hours 15.45 Coroncina Divina Misericordia a seguire Adorazione, Hours 17:30 S. Rosario a seguire S. Mass.

Hours 20:30 Eucharistic Adoration animated by young people, and catechesis on the Second Beatitude.

6) Da Lunedì 6 Early February blessings for families. You will find a sheet under the building indicating the day and time of the visit of families,it.

7) 9-12 Febbraio Lourdes. Ci sono gli ultimi posti. Per info. Rivolgersi al Diacono Pino.