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Posted on May 30, 2016

Alerts week,it 29 Maggio al 4 Giugno.

1) Saturday 28 May from hours 19:30 onwards in Piazza Belvedere festival of pork organized by Caritas volunteers of Our Parish.

2) Sunday Solemnity of Corpus Christi Procession Diocesan.

Hours 18:00 S. Mass predieduta by Cardinal at the Church of Santa Chiara in Naples to follow the procession to the Cathedral of Naples.

3)Monday at 20:00 Preghiera "Cuore a Cuore" the Sisters and distributing sandwiches and drinks to our poor brothers.

4)Tuesday 31 May the day of prayer and fasting called by the Cardinal Archbishop Conclusion Our month Mariano. Programma:hours 19:00 S. final mass of the Month of May to follow traditional procession: Via Roma, Piazza Belvedere, Via Matteotti, Republic square, Via Margherita and collection at Church, where we will burn the letters to the Madonna.

5) Giovedì dopo la Santa Messa S. Rosario presso le famiglie.

6)Venerdì I del mese Adorazione Eucaristica: 8:30 S. Mass to follow up the Adoration 12:00, Hours 16:45 Coroncina Divina Misericordia a seguire Adorazione, Hours 18:30 S. Rosario a seguire S. Mass. Hours 20:30 Eucharistic adoration and catechesis on the Beatitudes.

7) Saturday 4 June in the chapel of S. Vito area S. Domenico

hours 17:00 S. Rosario ore 17:30 S. Mass.

8) Saturday 11 June Pilgrimage to Afragola at the S Sanctuary. Antonio. Program: departure hour 16:30 outside the Church. For info and reservations contact the S.ra Cira.

9) From Monday to Friday from 17:00 all 18:45 Church collect subscriptions for the’ Summer oratory that will be held from 3 to the 17 luglio.

10)1-5 September pilgrimage to Lourdes by plane. For info contact Deacon Pino.

11)Stiamo raccogliendo pasta, olio, caffè, scatolame per le famiglie bisognose.