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Posted on Oct 9, 2016

Alerts week,it 9 to the 16 Ottobre.

1) Domenica ore 18:00 young couples meeting at the home of Louis and Mary. That meeting is led by the deacon Pino and the spouses Luigi and Maria.

2) Monday at 17:15 He starts at the Sisters of the Catechism of First Communion. Hours 20:00 distrubution sandwiches and drinks to our homeless brothers and prayer from Heart to Heart Sisters.

3) Tuesday hours 19:30 meeting with the "Word of God,it" for adults, families at the Sisters. Hours 19:30 Course Confirmation Adults.

4) meeting Saturday of the various groups of After- Communion pm 17:00 onwards for children aged 9 ai 15 years at the Sisters.

5) Continue the Oratory Parish registrations, Sporting Club Via Astronauts, for children born between 2001 and 2009. Per info rivolgersi a Giacomo tel 3925815667.

6) For those wishing to lend a hand for voluntary activities can give his adherence to the Father Enzo diretente. Thanks for your time.

7) Stiamo raccogliendo pasta, olio, caffè, scatolame per le famiglie bisognose.

8) Saturday 22 Ottobre Ritiro presso la parrocchia S. Paolo Apostolo- P.Co Verde- Caivano. hour program 8:30 Departure. Riflessione sulla Misericordia tenuta da Don Maurizio Patriciello e da Don Enzo Cozzolino. Vivremo momenti di preghiera e ci sará l’ascolto delle confessioni. Vi aspettiamo numerosi sopratutto agli operatori pastorali non manchino assolutamente. For info contact the S.ra Cira.

9) Stiamo raccogliendo coperte per i nostri fratelli senza dimora che dormono per strada. Le coperte che ci donerete potete portarle direttamente dalle Suore. Grazie di Cuore.

10) Friday 4 November at 20:00 Church begins in the path of the Beatitudes.

11) Sunday 6 November at 19:30 begins the Way of the Ten Commandments.

12) Saturday 26 November from hours 8:30 alle ore 13:30 visit Naples: Churches, museums etc. For info please contact Mrs. Rosaria Limbiate,it.