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Posted on Nov 14, 2013

Emergency Philippines

Diocesan Caritas NAPLES



Indication for Caritas parish and deanery

Following the terrible catastrophe that hit the Philippines I wish to offer a specific update parish Caritas and some operational guidance. The disaster affected the Central Islands of the Philippines, particularly the islands of Samar and Leyte and other areas in the Visayas region of the day 8 November 2013. It was a high intensity of typhoon with winds of more than 300 kmh that has lasted for over 4 hours; never on a planet so strong typhoon had reached the mainland. It is estimated over 10.000 victims, but consider the intensity of the event and the fact that many areas have not yet been reached by anyone, this figure could be greatly underestimated. Over 600.000 IDPs, 9,5 million people involved. The authorities of the Philippines have moved promptly, but the scale of the disaster is such that outpace the capacity of local institutions to respond in a diffuse way and ready to catastrophe. Several islands have yet to be reached, communications are disrupted in many places. Caritas Philippines in collaboration with some international Caritas already present in the country with their own staff (CRS and other) It is taking steps to visit the islands most affected concentrating intervention in the provision of emergency shelters, food and water. More details are available on the intervention of

Italian Caritas is in constant contact with Caritas Internationalis and Caritas Philippines. Last 11 November 2013 has participated in a teleconference with Caritas International Caritas Philippines and many other of the world where he took stock of the situation, defined the timing of a first, immediate response plan joint Caritas, coordinated with other ecclesial and civil operating on site, which will be launched in the usual form of the Appeal for Emergency. Also underway is the composition of a support team at Caritas Philippines for aid coordination (ONLY). Italian Caritas has already allocated 100.000 EUR to support the relief effort underway and the plan being finalized drawing on reserve funds and launching a fundraiser with which to provide additional appropriations.

The local Caritas at national and diocesan level are actually very active in the area and experienced in emergency response being the Philippines frequently affected by natural disasters, in particular by typhoons. Given the scale of the disaster, there is the need for significant support, both immediately and in the medium / long term. It is therefore essential connection and coordination between all the organizations that want to support the affected population.

To this end, we give some information more operational to allow Caritas Parish to be able to coordinate the solidarity that each territory will express.

– Given the magnitude of the disaster, it raises the need for a Sustained commitment over time and not just in the immediate to ensure a real accompaniment of the Church and of the people on site for as long as it takes to recovery.

– The form of material aid more desirable when Italy is the provision of financial resources useful to support aid operations coordinated locally by Caritas Philippines. Therefore it is appropriatestart from the very beginning collections of fonof at the diocesan level.

– Consider the extent and topography of the area, as well as logistical and communications, there is the high risk of fragmentation / overlapping of the speeches. For this reason it is very important to the local coordination, international, for that matter, Italian Resource. In this regard it is recommended to report to Caritas availability that gradually will be collected, agreeing interventions. Avoid collections of goods, of any kind, which would require, in addition to a significant cost Shipping, also a work storage, sorting and management on site that does not facilitate aid operations to populations. In the Philippines, Whereas not all of the country was hit by the disaster, you can buy everything you need while supporting the local economy. Report to Caritas for the availability of equipment or specific materials to verify their usefulness on site.

– For the moment there has been recommended sending staff on site if not agreed with Caritas locally and only for figures targeted with specific skills. Therefore at this stage it is useful to collect any availability of people reporting to Caritas Italian curriculum. Given the widespread presence of many religious congregations Italian and other ecclesial realities in the country, promote a link / diocesan coordination of reality in their country that can foster joint action on site in coordination with Caritas and Italian Caritas Local. In order to this it should be noted in the Italian Caritas any requests from religious organizations or others. Italian Caritas will provide updates on actions supported by making them available on the website in the section dedicated to country Philippines, so that you can give adequate information on the territory.


Collecting the heartfelt invitation of the Holy Father, Sunday 1 December 2013 in all the churches of Italy will hold a special collection, issued by the Presidency of the Italian Bishops' Conference in support of affected populations.


Cardinal Archbishop, President of Caritas of Naples, promptly it authorized a fundraiser on diocesan territory. The Caritas opens that sottosrizione with the sum of EUR 1.000,00 (with a / 00) .


The donations collected for these purposes may be sent to Caritas of Naples as follows:


With cash offers delivered c / o Caritas Largo Donnaregina, 23 every weekday from 10:00 all 13:00 Dr. Sergio Alfieri ;


their Postal account No. 14461800 payable to Caritas Naples ;

With Bank transfer on the following accounts:

NEXT BANK: No. 6483 made out to “Archdiocese of Naples – Caritas Naples” and opened at the branch 5000 from Milan – WERE GOING:

IT 07 K 03359 01600 100000006483

Unicredit Spa: account held to “Caritas Naples” opened at the Agency Naples 19 – WERE GOING:














Always indicate the reason: Emergency Philippines 2013.

Thanking you for the attention you want to reserve to this, I extend fraternal greetings to all in X.sto .


Don Enzo Cozzolino, Director