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14 August,en, 2017 07:21

Posted on Aug 14, 2017

1)Tuesday 15 August Solemnity of the Blessed Vergine Maria hour Masses,,it,let's wait,,it,the arrival of ..,,it: 8:30;12:00 e...

Alerts week,it 25 June 2 Luglio.

Posted on Jun 26, 2017

1)Questa Domenica vivremo due ritiri per le coppie di coniugi: retreat for the whole day at the Sisters ..,it.

Alerts week,it 18 to the 25 Giugno.

Posted on Jun 18, 2017

1) This Sunday is the Solemnity of Corpus Christi hours Masses,,it,Mass Solemn Procession to follow ..,,it: 8:30;10:30; 12:00 e 19:00( tutte in...