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San Sebastiano


San Sebastiano
, by S. Ambrose was born and raised in Milan, father of Narbonne (France) and mother-Milan, had been brought to the Christian faith, he moved to Rome in 270 and began a military career around 283, to become a tribune of the first cohort of the imperial guard in Rome, respected for his loyalty and intelligence by the emperors Diocletian and Maximian, who did not suspect he was a Christian.

Due to its function, could help with discretion Christians jailed, take care of the burial of the martyrs and be able to convert military and nobles of the court, where it was introduced by Castulo, home (Parakoimomenos) the imperial family, that he died a martyr. Just when, according to tradition, had buried the holy martyrs Claudius, Castorius, Sinforiano, Nicostrato, called Four Crowned, on via Labicana, was arrested and taken to Maximian Diocletian, which already infuriated by the rumor that spread around, that, in the imperial palace lurked Christians even among the Praetorians, called out the Tribune: "I have always held among the elders of my building and you have operated in the shadows against me, insulting the gods ".

Sebastian was condemned to be pierced by the arrows; tied to a pole in an area of ​​the Palatine hill called 'campus'. Believed dead by soldiers, that had pierced, was left there as food for the wild animals, but the noble Irene, widow of the aforementioned S. Castulo, he went to retrieve the body to bury him, he realized that the Tribune was not dead and trasportatolo in his house on the Palatine, taken to heal the many wounds. Sebastian managed to miraculously heal and then despite the advice of friends to escape from Rome, decided to proclaim his faith again in front of Diocletian and its associated Maximian, while the emperors went to the functions of the temple built by Elagabalus, in honor of Sol Invictus. Heard the reproaches of Sebastian for the persecution of Christians, innocent of the accusations made their, Diocletian ordered that this time was flogged to death; The execution took place in 304 such as. hippodrome of the Palatine, the body was thrown into the Cloaca Maxima, so that Christians could not recover. The abandonment of the bodies of the martyrs unburied, was intended by the pagans as a supreme punishment. The martyr appeared in a dream to the matron Lucina, indicating them the place where she landed the corpse and directing them to bury him in the cemetery "to Catacumbas" on the Appian Way.

Until the sixth century, the pilgrims who came attracted by the 'memory' of the SS. Peter and Paul, the Constantinian basilica erected in memory of the two apostles right above the cemetery, also visited the tomb of the martyr, whose figure was why become very popular and when in 680 was attributed to his intercession, the end of a severe plague in Rome, the martyr s. Sebastiano was elected miracle worker against epidemics and the church began to be called "Basilica Sancti Sebastiani". For his work of assistance to Christians, was proclaimed by Pope S. Caio "defender of the Church". The saint is venerated 20 January is considered the third patron of Rome, after the two Apostles Peter and Paul.

Semblance San SebastianThe III chapel right of the nave is dedicated since 1884 the Patron Saint Sebastian. The wooden sculpture San Sebastiano, probably created by sculptor Joseph Sarno between 1778 and 1782. Wearing a thong, in red silk embroidered, dating back to the mid-twentieth century, on the dorsal fascia of the same fabric is applied a silver medallion in the shape of a radially from the early years of the nineteenth century.  The eighteenth-century silver shoes made, in 1782, by silversmith Marcantonio Napolitano are finely chiseled edges while the five arrows coeval, also silver, replace the wood of leafed.

SOURCE: From the book by Bernardo Cozzolino: San Sebastiano al Vesuvio: an artistic itinerary and a memory of Gaetano Filangieri.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


Dio, Come and save.

Lord, come quickly to my aid.



O Dear Jesus, Our adorable Savior, You with the light of Thy grace riempisti pure soul of your beloved servant and our Protector S. Sebastian by an ardent love and charity towards You, so while he lived, driven by Your love, con pieno very, expected to promote your glory visiting confessors of the Faith, who were in prisons, encouraging them to martyrdom and gaining over many souls, that the devil strove to lose, where merit of S. Caio Pontiff the glorious name of "Defender of the Faith". Grant, or benignissino Lord, for burning charity of our holy and the fervent zeal who once had for your glory, that ignite our hearts with a burning love for You, so that, with the flame of holy love, our souls, purified from the stains of sins, are made worthy to come to praise you, love you and bless you eternally in Heaven, in the company of our dear Holy.


Ago, okay, Mr. Kingdoms that always in our breasts, Full of holy affections Your divine love.


O Dear Jesus, Our adorable Savior, Your, with the light of Thy grace, riempisti the pure soul of the beloved Thy servant and our Protector S. Sebastiano, a tender and holy love of neighbor, so, while he lived, All pledged to raise the next miseries, both spiritual and temporal, many waves, for his work, left the error and idolatry, abbracciarono the S. Faith and many needy poor found in our Saint the heart of a loving father in their temporal needs. Okay! grant, ο merciful Lord, for the merit of the tender and holy charity, who once had our dear Holy, towards the next, that our hearts are full of a mutual brotherly love, why is that, loving us with true and holy love, deserve to become true to your disciples here on earth, and we are all made worthy of Your eternal glory in Heaven.


If your sons and brothers all together we are, Okay, ago that we love, The Dio, true heart.


O sweet Jesus, Our adorable Savior, with the light of Thy grace, riempisti the pure soul of Thy servant, our dear Protector S. Sebastiano, of such an abundance of heavenly gifts and graces, where, Being on earth, despised all human greatness and hated his own flesh, suffering, not only with invincible patience and fortitude many arrows with which he was wounded while he was tied to a tree trunk, but still the countless keystrokes, until he died under the whip. Okay! grant, merciful Lord, through the merits of our Holy, that we despise the vanities of this world and the pleasures of the flesh flattering, so, with patience and fortitude we suffer the Cross and tribulations in this life, why is that, imitating, as far as we can, generous examples of the Christian virtues practiced by our dear Holy, we can come to participate with him in the glory that you have reserved for Thy servants in Heaven.


That constancy inflame So Sebastiano Del fier Diocletian outrage despised.


Blessed Eternal God, that, for a singular affection of Your goodness, to all of us, inhabitants of this town, You have given us S. Sebastiano special for our Patron, deign to accept the humble thanks that you do, for many graces and favors, you have given to our Holy in Heaven and on earth and the grace that you did give it to us in for our Protector and Defender; deign, for his intercession to keep us always from all sad and fatal accidents, especially from all sin. Let peace and love reign among us all and that faith and piety are day by day more and more lives and most perfect among us. And You, dear our Protector S. Sebastiano, deign to us every day to hear the amorous effects of Thy protection, by obtaining a burning love for God, why is that, with His grace, living a truly Christian life, we can also, with Your powerful intercession, obtain the grace to make a good and holy death. Amen.

You may not obtain intanto, Ο our Protector, Since Mr. liberate this so great virtue.

PRAY: Give us, grant, destroy all weapons of violence, the famed defender Martiri Church, disease, and the Defender Sebastian Festival, arrows overcome their engines.
Through Christ, Lord. Amen.


Come all ye heathen; cor dissolve a song

praise our Holy, Sebastian on the protector.


Pel desire of helping the Faith confessors,

that pagan emperors sent them to torment.


Carino in the army he went to Rome to enlist

and soon saw himself the support of the Fe


And no more of allor cessasti preach the true Faith

of that God who gave you strength and life of even greater


O thou strong champion of the Christian Faith

Dall 'ttual human perfidy Deh! Save us out of pity.


Pel You suffered martyrdom arrows and keystrokes

hell and its tortures let us always triumph.


Above the wings of your soul in Ciel sprint

forever was crowned by the arm of Mr.


Oiacchè then you are in glory stretch out your hand over us.

Okay! hears us, Sebastian does not deny us the favor.


Lest always with your help we may God we amar

so always with you we also will one day in Heaven.